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If your child is between 7 and 12 years old and had little or no contact with the Portuguese language. If he/she is Portuguese or Brazilian descent, or just loved Brazilian or Portuguese football or even a musicality of the language, the program that you are looking for just arrived.

At TII, your child will have a compelling cultural and language immersion experience. In this program, the students engage with the Portuguese language through diverse and fun activities such as songs, games, drama and art. Through a communicative approach with, age-appropriate learning tools designed according to children’s cognitive development at the various ages. All teachers at TII are highly qualified and have experience in working with children of different age groups.

More info: https://tii.qa/en/portuguese-language-courses-kids-and-teenagers-spring-2019

LC Kids and Teenagers Campaign Spring Portuguese site

External competition to fill a job, in the category of Residence Assistant, to perform duties at the Residence of the Portuguese Embassy in Doha.

Under the terms of Law no. 35/2014, of June 20, it is made public that, following an authorization order of 03.01.2018 of H.E. the Secretary of State for Administration and Public Employment, is open, for a period of 10 working days from the date of publication of this notice, the external competition to fill one job, in the category of Residence Assistant, with the gross monthly remuneration of EUR 590,00.

Function: cleaning and maintenance of the residence, organization of the table service, preparation of meals, maintenance of equipment and instruments used, as well as areas affected by this type of service and activities related to the previous ones.

Type of contract: Contract of employment in public functions for an indefinite period under Law 35/2014, with the specialties arising from Decree-Law no. 47/2013, of April 5, and the imperative rules of local public order.

Admission requirements:

  • Minimum 18 years of age and compulsory schooling;
  • The selected candidate must have authorization / status of resident in the country and have his situation regularized with the local tax and social security entities, at the time of their hiring, without prejudice to the possibility of being able to be proven "a posteriori", according to Article 5 of Decree-Law 47/2013, of April 5, in the situations where this is allowed by the norms of local law.


Street: 803, Zone: 67
Building: 31
P.O. Box 24854
Al Dafna, Doha

+974 4486 4691 (Chancery)
+974 4038 5670 (Consular Section)
+974 4415 4746 (Chancery)
+974 3363 9594 (Emergency)

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